Founded on 3 September 1981 by the association of a Swedish manufacturer of heat pumps and a US manufacturer of non-glazed solar panels, FAFCO now enjoys unrivaled technical expertise in energy management.

Since its foundation in the Swiss watchmaking valley, FAFCO products have been shaped by the requirements of Swiss quality and reliability.

Fafco has developed a very high-quality industrial culture at all levels of the company.


The economy of resources is the DNA of FAFCO. Improving the service provided by reducing the consumption of resources by intelligent systems and high-performance products is our mission.


An Ice Storage named ICEBAT

After bringing a new solar panel technology from the USA in 1981, FAFCO has developed its ice storage in Switzerland. Fully dedicated to the development of energy saving and management solutions, FAFCO has been innovating for 35 years in this field.


Cold storage is a technical and energetic issue: it is a vital energy in fields such as chemistry, pharmacy, healthcare facilities and the cooling of computer servers.

Cold is one of the world’s largest energy consuming products, accounting for up to 70% of electricity consumption in some countries in Africa, the Middle East and Of South-East Asia.


Ice storage is also the most natural way to store energy: it is made up solely of water, ice, plastic and steel. Changing the state of the water to ice at 0 ° C can store 100 times more energy than cooling the same volume of water by one degree Celsius. The storage of ice is therefore compact and discreet.

Fafco Icebat: the flagship storage product

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